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An Afternoon of Craft and Marketing with Candy Gourlay September 13 2014

Candy Gourlay, blogger extraordinaire and award winning author of ‘Tall Story’ and ‘Shine’ joined us for an afternoon packed with information and laughter. Over two sessions, Candy covered both what to do to write a great book, and what to do before and after publication to make sure you stand out amongst the crowd:

Session 1 –

A Writer is Just a Rabbit Staring at Rabbit Holes
Candy Gourlay once described writing novels as not so much falling down a rabbit hole as diving into it. Writers are like rabbits staring at rabbit holes that represent character, story and setting. We must dive in, and go as far as we can go, in order for our stories to reveal themselves. Candy will talk about how there are no half measures in unfolding a story and how we are all better authors for the journey we have to take.

Session 2 –

If Everyone’s Now Got a Platform, How are You Going to Stand Out?
We are all wise to the Internet now, all tweeting, blogging, Facebooking. But is anybody listening? Candy Gourlay was an early adopter of the Internet, blogging before Blogger was invented, learning web design before content management systems became ubiquitous, and trying out every new thing that came along from MySpace to Tumblr. She will be discussing the author’s biggest challenge: being discovered by readers. There will be tips and tricks and strategies. But be warned. Ultimately, it will be about writing a good book.

After the events, we took Candy for a well deserved dinner with a view!